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Tomoka State Park

The park is popular for canoeing, boating and fishing. A boat ramp is provided for boaters and canoeists to access the river. The park store offers snacks, camping supplies and canoe rentals.  Tomoka is also a bird-watcher's paradise, with over 160 species sighted, especially during the spring and fall migrations. Visitors can stroll a half-mile nature trail through a hardwood hammock. The park protects a variety of wildlife habitats and endangered species such as the West Indian manatee. For overnight stays, the park has full-facility campsites and youth camping. Fee may apply to enter the park.  

Amusement Parks, Disney World

Visitors can immerse themeselves in unforgettable adventures at the world’s top theme parks within an easy drive from the home:  Disney World, Universal, and Seaworld.  Kennedy Space Center is also located close by for an easy day trip.    

Daytona Motor Speedway

For the car enthusiasts, there are no shortage of events, with Daytona 500 leading the way, Jeepfest, Bikefest and a number of events throughout the year.  Daytona Motor Speedway is not to be missed for any racing fan.  

Rockefeller Gardens Park

Recently rennovated, the gardens wrap around the east bank of the Halifax river under the high-rise Granada bridge in Ormond Beach. Parking lots are located adjacent to the park; turn right or left on the east edge of the Granada bridge. There is a nice area to walk your dog on the north side, and it is equipped with open charcoal grills, and a playground for children. The south side has the gardens, and benches along the river's edge. A sidewalk - under the bridge - connects the two.

The Ormond Garage

The Original "Birth Place of Speed" was built back in 1904 on the grounds of the Hotel Ormond and was referred to as the "Gasoline Alley". Unfortunately it burned to the ground in 1976. There stands a marker in front of the Sun-Trust Bank on East Granada Blvd. There is also a smaller replica of the garage down at the end of RT40 (East Granada Blvd.) in a little park which has some markers and such commemorating the glory days of "Birth Place of Speed".

Central Park

Central Park is a series of ponds, canals and walkways that runs down the spine of Ormond Beach. The paths include a .3 mile stretch on a boardwalk through a forest with signs identifying the flora and fauna you might see. Your can bike these, but you'll enjoy them more if you walk. The four ponds in the park are connected with canals, and there are numerous user-friendly launch sites for a canoe or kayak. Birding is superb! Osprey, Coots, and assorted Cormorants, Herons,and Egrets. A great oasis from Florida's suburban/retirement sprawl.

The Casements

The Casements, named for the large hand-cut casement windows that adorn the mansion, have been beautifully restored to function as the Cultural Center for the City of Ormond Beach, Florida. Set on the shore of the Halifax River, and just two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, the late John D. Rockefeller's winter home is known as "The Jewel of Ormond Beach."